Increase sales




We help our clients increase their training efficiency.

Increase sales

Are you main objectives to:

  • increase sales?
  • Improve in-shop client experience?
  • Optimize sales training time and costs to focus on sales?

We help you:

  • Increase employee and client engagement by up to 50%. (Gamification Summit, San Francisco, 2015.)
  • Increase profitability by up to 22%. (Business Journal, "How employee engagement drives growth", 2013.)
  • Decrease costs and time spent by up to 50%. (Comparison studies between in-house developement and external development with Belinguo, 2015-2016.)

“1 employee out of 3 is engaged toward his job and company”, PWC 2014.

We analyze your needs, create a roadmap and provide you with the best solution for your employees and clients, thanks to a large panel of gaming tools.

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