How to get help for GC Life?


Virtual worlds are quite easy to use... once you are used to them! Indeed, you have to move in a 3D environment and that requires a few special skills. The first 5 minutes might seem a bit frustrating for some, but after this, you'll move around quite easily! :-)


The following gives you some hints on how to move around GCLife and helps you solve some of the basic issues. And remember, if things go wrong, we are here to help you (remember to give us your phone number or Skype ID so that we can help you live).


My computer refuses to install the software (the GC Life Viewer called "Imprudence")

My Apple computer tells me that it does not know this software and thus refuses to install it. What should I do?

-> Go to settings and allow 3rd party software to be installed.


My PC gives me a warning that it does not know this software!

-> Please go ahead anyway!!! I know...


How can I get into GC Life?


Watch the introduction video to GC Life.


How can I move around?

Where can I learn how to move around, fly? Check out our how to move around in GC Life and get a list of important shortcuts .

How can I talk?

First, check that your avatar is able to talk. If yes, it should have a white dot on the top of its head.

The speak mode should be on by default. If it is isn't press [ SPACE ] or [ ESC ] and [ SPACE ] to switch it on.

Alternatively, click on the button [ Talk ], in the bottom-right corner of the GC Life Viewer.

Make sure you have a headset.


How can I see myself?

1. Go to the menu and click on "View".

2. Then choose "Camera Controls".


3. Click on the arrows of the Camera Control to look at yourself...


How can I chat?

When in GC Life, press on the key [ ENTER ]. The "Local Chat" bar should appear in the bottom left of the GC Life Viewer.

Write you message and press [ ENTER ].

To remove the "Local Chat" bar, press [ ESC ] (i.e. the escape key).


How can I change the appearance of my avatar?


Right-click on your avatar. A "pie"-menu should appear. Choose "Appearance" or "Change Appearnce". The following video shows you how to change it.


How can I "unlock" the appearance of my avatar?

  1. Go to the "Inventory" (bottom-right corner of your Viewer) and click on "My Inventory", "Body Parts". Right-click on it and choose "New Shape", "New Sky", etc.
  2. Once the new body part is created, right-click on it to wear it. Now, you're ready to edit your appearance and change these newly-created body parts.



How can I build my own house, car, boat, etc.?

In GC Life, you can be as creative as you want and build the house of your dreams!

For more details on how the technique to do so, check out this introduction to building in a virtual world.



I cannot log in!

Make sure that the grid "global_citizen_life" is selected. If it's not in the list of grids, click on the "Grid Manager" button and create it:

  • Grid nick (unique): global_citizen_life
  • Grid name: Global Citizen Life
  • Login URI:

I was logged in, but got "kick out"!

If you were using someone else's login and that someone else logged in a few minutes later with the same login, then s/he kicked you out! Apply for your own login to avoid this.

Problems with the sounds?

Your avatar should have a white dot on the top of its head.

This means that it is voice enabled. In order to talk, click on the "Talk" button (bottom-right corner of the Viewer).

If you still have problems to talk, that's probably because the voice chat is disabled. Go to "Edit" menu then "Preferences" (or simply CTRL+P), click on the "Voice" tab and make sure that "Enable voice chat" is ticked on. Click on the "Reconnect to Voice" button.

If it still doesn't work, you might be using an older version of MS Windows. Contact us as indicated below.


I hear myself / I hear an echo.

Are you using a headset? If not, just put on a headset and it should be ok.

If this does not solve the problem, this means that another user you are talking to probably does not have his/her headset on. Kindly ask him whether it's the case.

I'm interested in "Serious Games". How can I get my own Virtual World?

  • Would you like your own island to train your employees or clients?

  • Are you a language school? Would you like to propose extra classes in GC Life (or your own World)?

Check our Serious Games solution.


I get an error message "MSVCR100.dll is missing"

Download the file MSVCR100.dll and copy it where you installed GC Life, probably something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Global Citizen Life. Try again. If it still doesn't work, then copy this file into C:\Windows\System32 and try again.

This file represents the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. It can easily be downloaded on the Microsoft website as x86 or x64 edition:

32 bit:

64 bit:






I have not found the solution to my problem. What can I do?

Our I.T. supporters will be happy to help you.

Skype us at or call our free I.T. Support Hotline at +852 8120 6211 (available from 10am to 6pm, Hong Kong time) or +41 44 586 22 21 (available from 4am to 1pm, European time).

Note: you are welcome to share your computer screen with us through Skype so that our supporters can help you. All you need is to install the latest version of Skype (but this is obviously not compulsory).





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