Global Citizen Life - Gamification & Live Scenarios

What is Global Citizen Life ("GC Life") and how can you use it to practice languages?

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How to speak a language more fluently?

"Practice makes perfect", "Learning by doing"... but how can you apply this to languages?

Thanks to gamification and live scenarios such as going to the bank to open an account or to the restaurant to order food, etc.

Do all this from your home! Create your own online character (avatar) and speak or chat the language you learn with real people all over the world. Global Citizen's virtual world is a new and fun way to practice languages and improve your communicative skills fast!



Screenshot of GC Life during a Chinese practice. If you want to see more screenshots...


1. What is GC Life?

It's a 3D online virtual world for language learning and cultural exchange. You create your own avatar and chat or speak with other students/avatars from around the World as if you were physically close to them.

See this short video about GC Life.

2. Why GC Life?

  • Speak the language, practice it, talk to other real people, while being at home or anywhere else. It's only a click away...
  • Make friends: meet other learners and native teachers, in a fun and secure environment.
  • Save time: use your own computer to enter our virtual world. It's a perfect solution for business people, students, travellers, or even kids, who want to save time in transportation.
  • Gain confidence - No fear of being "ridiculous": if you are shy or afraid of being "ridiculous" when speaking a new language, GC Life is perfect for you. You can "hide" behind your avatar, speak through your avatar and gain the confidence you need until you feel secure enough to go and practice in the "real" world.
  • A supplement to traditional in-class teaching: this virtual world supplements our in-class training and existing eLearning System as well as the Bilingualizer to create a unique learning environment. Discover this new world and a new way of learning languages by communicating and interacting with others without borders.


3. How can you access GC Life?