The Global Citizen Team



Robert Séjalon - Honorary President
Philippe Séjalon - Managing Director & Founder
Diana Danyi - Director & Founder



Hong Kong Istanbul Moscow


Philippe Séjalon
Managing Director, Asia

Diana Danyi
Head of Business Development

Megan Lee
Corporate Communications Manager

Will Chu

Business Development Manager

Lui Sin Yue (呂善渝)
Trainee, Information Technology

Marwa Eissa
Director, Turkey

Agnes Nagy
Director of Operations, Turkey

Alexis Kaiser
Director, Russia

Dr János Fancsik
Honorary President, Hungary

Sára Hajgató
Creative Director, Hungary


Place de la Bastille
Paris Zurich

Robert Séjalon
Honorary President

Laure Dykstra
Director, France and CEO EastWest conseil


René Surber
Director, Switzerland



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