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The highest bungee jump in the world, in South Africa!

Philippe Séjalon, Managing Director of the Global Citizen Group

After 14 years of a global corporate life, including 7 years working for a world-class reinsurer in Europe, the Americas and Asia, Philippe quit his job as Head of e-Business to travel around Africa.

Prior to this, he worked for a leading Management Consultancy, in Scandinavia and Japan, and several other Multinationals in various industries and parts of the world. His experience in over 50 countries and a working knowledge of 10+ languages proved a real asset.

In 2007, his passion for e-Business and Languages led him and experienced partners to create Global Citizen, an innovative Internet startup combined with physical training centers.

Philippe, who enjoys learning and sharing knowledge, has co-authored books on IT and taught in Masters of Science Degrees in e-Commerce.

In his spare time, he participates to off-road triathlon competitions, plays the guitar with friends and works on humanitarian projects. He's also probably the most dangerous airplane pilot in Africa, but improving...


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Horse riding in Lesotho

Diana Danyi, Head of Business Development

After working as a journalist and reporter for a major newspapers for several years, Diana decided to join the Global Citizen from its very start.

Previously, her teaching career has been spanning 8 years and three continents. She has taught art to children in the U.S.A., English and French in Asia, prepared high ranking military officials for NATO exams in Europe, taught English to the Olympic Team in Hungary and got engaged in syllabus design and curriculum development for a private school in Hong Kong.

Her keen interest in different cultures, languages and photography has led her to travel to over 40 countries around the world.

Diana speaks 5 languages and has an MA in International Relations and an MA in English Teaching.

She is an avid sportswoman and has won several medals in skiing, gymnastics and adventure racing.


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megan at GC office

Megan Lee, Corporate Communications Manager of the Global Citizen Group

Majoring in China and Asia Pacific Affairs in Lingnan University, Megan has a great interest in different cultures and languages. Attracted by the idea to help people understand each other better and become a fully-rounded global citizen, she decided to join Global Citizen in the summer of 2009.

As an active member of AIESEC, an international organization, Megan has traveled to several countries and different continents around the world, facilitating leadership conferences and doing cultural exchanges. She has also represented Hong Kong for competitions, as well as being the Hong Kong Young Envoy for UNICEF since 2004.

She has been working in the PR and Communications area in AIESEC and is experienced in turning creative ideas into different marketing campaigns or products.

Megan speaks fluent English, Mandarin and is native in Cantonese. She loves meeting new people and always embraces the world with an appreciative heart.


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