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We help our clients increase their training efficiency.

Game app

Increase exposure to learning material, control learning progress.

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Product description:

  • Game packaged as an app
  • Single player with community feature
  • Rules adapted to your company
  • Can connect to your own LMS

Benefits for you:

  • No printing needed
  • Integrate easily new content
  • Available 24/7
  • Get feedback on progress

Case study on a financial services company:

  •  Client challenge: stakeholders to adopt a complex process within a comprehensive information landscape
  • Our solution: needs analysis and development of a webapp to simulate challenging situations, used in stakeholders' individual free time with a leaderboard report
  • Results for the client: increased process adoption by 21% and decreased communication incidentd by 17%

Steps to a solution:

  1. Set up: corporate compliant design, integration of training content and adaptation of game rules
  2. App download: from app store or website URL
  3. Maintenance: content update and progress report available anytime via Belinguo's back-end

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