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19F, 168 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong
From : Monday, 07 January 2013 18:30
Until : Monday, 18 March 2013 20:00
(UTC +08:00) Beijing, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong
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According to many, Hungarian is not an easy language because of its unique structure, grammar and vocabulary. This course, however, will ease you into the language using a well-structured, illustrated course book and colorful supplementary materials. Our native Hungarian teachers will help you start building up your Hungarian vocabulary from day number one and teach you many practical phrases. There’s a lot of focus on oral skills and communication. At the end of the course you should be able to understand and use some simple Hungarian phrases and sentences to make easy communication.


For absolute beginners.


10 weeks, once a week, 90 mins


course fee 3,520 HKD


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Global Citizen also offers a unique eLearning platform - used in 120 countries - to practice regularly.


1. an innovative 3D Online Virtual World to meet other students online and to speak like on Skype while "walking, talking, flying...)


2. a powerful eLearning Management System to review and learn a bit more


3. a unique "subtitler": the Bilingualizer TM read what you want in the language your learn


4. a community for global minds: GC Facebook to connect with fellow students and be informed on events



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